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For leisure, the former horticultural show site, outdoor, indoor pool and Aqua Sole sauna world as well as the excellent main bicycle path are available. The main cycle route, as the first route, was awarded five stars as a "quality cycle route" by the General German Bicycle Club . It now belongs to the most popular domestic bike trails and attracts many visitors to Kitzingen each year.


Kitzingen am Main

Kitzingen am Main, one of the oldest cities in Lower Franconia. Already in 745, the existence of the monastery and its wine cellar, the "alte Klosterkeller" [old monastery cellars] was described. In 1482, the oldest German wine law was adopted in the wine trading town of Kitzingen.

The German Carnival Museum is located today in the Falterturm, the landmark of the city and namesake of the campsite. Further attractions, such as the Renaissance city hall, the Kreuzkappelle [Chapel of the Holy Cross] and much more await your visit.


Kitzingen charms with its romantic location on the Main. Whether you are looking for an active holiday or relaxation, the beautiful landscape around Kitzingen and the possibilities for sport and leisure activities offer something for every taste.


In addition, Kitzingen is centrally located, so that both Würzburg and Nuremberg as shopping options or Rothenburg with its well preserved town walls can be reached within an hour.



Bike map and brochure - the combination package for bikers!
The combined package is available for €7.50 and offers quite a lot: In addition to trans-regional bicycle trails, such as the popular 5-star Main cycle route, there are 12 interesting themed tours to discover in Kitzingen. The tours combine natural attractions and historical highlights of the region in a memorable way and take cyclists on a tour into the past.


Bike tour map, cycling brochure
The detailed map of bike trails is a 'must' for ambitious cyclists in the Kitzingen Land. Not that we think they would have trouble finding their way using the signs. No, we just think that the map contains a lot of interesting information, such as picnic areas, viewpoints, churches etc. which may be useful during your bike tour through the region.


In the accompanying cycling brochure, each tour is presented in detail. Here, the cyclist learns interesting historical contexts, receives a brief excursion in wine-growing and can smile about small anecdotes. Selected images and events round off the tour descriptions. In the second part of the brochure, the cyclist will find tips on "bicycle-friendly establishments", ferry times, bicycle repair services and other useful information about biking.


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